Our main area in Paradise is Lifestyle Change.  People can have a more specific package with a focus tailored to them.  Below are some of the most popular.

Everything starts with a bridging meeting – a first session.  After this session some people find an immediate insight where change is in motion.   From there you have an option to continue where we essentially tailor your meetings for your ultimate change – your paradise.

Lifestyle Change

      • Power over Procrastination
      • Anxiety to Confidence
      • Finding your Happy Place

      • Down Tech – learning to live in harmony with the modern world
      • Wonder Walking – Therapy in Nature

Other Changes available

Why I have everything and am still not happy.  
Paradise syndrome and Abundance Paradox explored.

In conjunction with BMCC we work with Issues such as Insomnia, specific Anxiety and Fears and Confidence as at times these can get in the way of your goals in life.


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