Most people’s Stories

So you’ve checked out a few articles from Facebook or free YouTube videos on change, or following your dreams  – all in the pursuit of getting a different life or simply, to be happy  … but they just end up being the same!  Giving you advice, but not actually the nuts and bolts of how, or they blab on about meditation, like this is easy to do!

Getting to your dream
Annoying! As it’s just not that straightforward!

They’re telling you it’s just a matter of ‘like this or like that‘   .. as if there’s some magic direct route!  No complications!    Life is not that straightforward.  Is it?  Our stories, dreams, journey’s have complications.. and let’s face it, sometimes we’re so lazy, we’d rather stay unhappy than change!

Life is just not straight forward
Life’s way more like this!

So, most of us, never get there, to the nirvana of the ‘happily ever after‘.
But you actually can get there, you can be happy, you can stop being miserable, out of control, empty … all that stuff.

But…” it’s really hard to do it on your own.   Yes!  Change your life!   How big is that?   Huge!”     Actually no … it’s not that huge. Thank goodness!

The first thing is being realistic. When your washing machine breaks, you get ‘the guy’. So why not for something such as your life!   Why make it difficult? Why prolong it? And the twist … Why not make it enjoyable?

We’re not going to say .. this is how it is and send you on your way.  We step with you.  Get rid of your unhappy, your empty and bring you to your paradise.  Even if that’s a night in with the telly!


Achieving your dream
Getting you there: Realistically.


They say that it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert on something.  Well how about over a million combined hours! (yes, because we can do this in our sleep!)   So come on!   Let’s get you a new story.   Let’s get the happy going on!  It’s what we do!

Online,  in groups and one on one!
Digital, Mastering Class and Elite.

Drop us an eMail to get the ball rolling.  It’s just an eMail!

Time Rich


Being Time rich is about living the life you desire.   It’s not necessarily about the amount you have in the bank.

Our 30 second video stories are a few people I know who have taken time and life into their own hands – a life they own and that they control.  No longer the drones but out smelling the roses of life!

life change consulting
make your life sweet

These stories can be an inspiration, of a few people who are Time Rich.

In the Paradise Project and our talks we hear about these and other people’s journey and how they live their life – some also come to share their inspiration.  Their motivation becomes yours.   Create your vision.



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We’re happy to give your story a video profile too if you’d like.