Stories are the first step to Paradise

Here you’ll find an few video collection of Stories.

Most are from friends who have dared to live their dream.   They have kindly shared their stories to open the door to Possibility Land for you.

Before the 4 minute mile record was broken by Roger Bannister.  Doctors said it was physically impossible for a human to run so fast.  But once it was broken, a door was opened and so many more broke the same record.   Now, it’s a middle distance standard!   The possibility was created!

In a way, a permission given.  When we listen or hear these stories and in turn provoke other’s to tell stories they know …  reality to our dream is given. A possibility.  A situation of …  If they can do it, so can I, raises it’s head.

Depending on the story and identification triggers.  That feeling resonates and the mind starts.  The excuses start to dissolve.   The right story at the right time can facilitate psychological change.  Indeed the ancient traditions of storytelling so rich and rife in all cultures were the earliest form of psychotherapy as well as vehicles for passing on patterns of wisdom.

Stories bypass the shredding effects of over-analysis and conscious reasoning. Stories are inherently hypnotic in that they fixate attention and appeal to the imagination. This makes stories the perfect device for delivering fresh patterns of hope as well as more specific suggestions for change.

Stories are not meant to be consciously picked apart. You don’t have to know exactly how a phone works in order for it to facilitate a communication.   And if a story doesn’t immediately ‘work’ for someone, no harm is done. They have simply heard an entertaining story!

I’m often asked how do other peoples stories of change – change you?

It’s about inspiration.  And this is powerful.  It opens that door of possibility.  Being inspired by others and stepping into their story, even just momentarily so that you can feel that by taking life and making a change, you get to living it your way and what can be right for you.

Step Through