Eco Spirit

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I’ve known Ania a few years and on every occasion I meet her, she’s doing something that is purely and simply — kind!  I’ve visited her in different places that she’s lived along the way and despite circumstances she’s had one constant – a dream of creating a little corner of heaven, a paradise.

And she’s achieved it – and it is truly beautiful.  A place for children, families and friends to simply be.  In the heart of the mountains overlooking the sea.   Ania calls’ it Eco Spirit, but really from the outside, it’s Ania’s spirit.   You arrive, you change.    In her own words ..

Everyone needs to go away sometimes, to a place where they can feel safe, welcome and at ease with themselves. We use the phrase  – to recharge batteries, but isn’t better to say something more natural?  What about – a place where you can find your soul and be yourself again.

Tarifa overlooking Morocco
Ania (Anna) has worked in many countries and places when she came upon an amazing piece of Land in the heart of the Natural Park in Spain, overlooking the mountains of Africa.   There she built a home for not just herself but for everyone … she followed a dream and now she’s got even more, she’s sharing it!