Stories are the first step to Paradise

Here you’ll find an few video collection of Stories.

Most are from friends who have dared to live their dream.   They have kindly shared their stories to open the door to Possibility Land for you.

Before the 4 minute mile record was broken by Roger Bannister.  Doctors said it was physically impossible for a human to run so fast.  But once it was broken, a door was opened and so many more broke the same record.   Now, it’s a middle distance standard!   The possibility was created!

In a way, a permission given.  When we listen or hear these stories and in turn provoke other’s to tell stories they know …  reality to our dream is given. A possibility.  A situation of …  If they can do it, so can I, raises it’s head.

Depending on the story and identification triggers.  That feeling resonates and the mind starts.  The excuses start to dissolve.   The right story at the right time can facilitate psychological change.  Indeed the ancient traditions of storytelling so rich and rife in all cultures were the earliest form of psychotherapy as well as vehicles for passing on patterns of wisdom.

Stories bypass the shredding effects of over-analysis and conscious reasoning. Stories are inherently hypnotic in that they fixate attention and appeal to the imagination. This makes stories the perfect device for delivering fresh patterns of hope as well as more specific suggestions for change.

Stories are not meant to be consciously picked apart. You don’t have to know exactly how a phone works in order for it to facilitate a communication.   And if a story doesn’t immediately ‘work’ for someone, no harm is done. They have simply heard an entertaining story!

I’m often asked how do other peoples stories of change – change you?

It’s about inspiration.  And this is powerful.  It opens that door of possibility.  Being inspired by others and stepping into their story, even just momentarily so that you can feel that by taking life and making a change, you get to living it your way and what can be right for you.

Step Through


Eco Spirit

Eco Spirit Loading …

I’ve known Ania a few years and on every occasion I meet her, she’s doing something that is purely and simply — kind!  I’ve visited her in different places that she’s lived along the way and despite circumstances she’s had one constant – a dream of creating a little corner of heaven, a paradise.

And she’s achieved it – and it is truly beautiful.  A place for children, families and friends to simply be.  In the heart of the mountains overlooking the sea.   Ania calls’ it Eco Spirit, but really from the outside, it’s Ania’s spirit.   You arrive, you change.    In her own words ..

Everyone needs to go away sometimes, to a place where they can feel safe, welcome and at ease with themselves. We use the phrase  – to recharge batteries, but isn’t better to say something more natural?  What about – a place where you can find your soul and be yourself again.

Tarifa overlooking Morocco
Ania (Anna) has worked in many countries and places when she came upon an amazing piece of Land in the heart of the Natural Park in Spain, overlooking the mountains of Africa.   There she built a home for not just herself but for everyone … she followed a dream and now she’s got even more, she’s sharing it!

Doc Cool

Life Loading …

Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine Shereen being anything other than great fun.  But as a respected Doctor it’s of course only outside the surgery that we see her.  And there in all her glory.  If she’s not skiing down mountains in the Summer (yes New Zealand why not!) or climbing mountains with her children (a feat, as she insists she’s scared of heights!) or galloping past the pyramids on horseback .. you’ll find her relaxing in the Isle of Aaron or attending to all and sundry in London’s busy A&E.
But it doesn’t stop here, artist, DJ .. and great friend to many.   This is a woman who dictates the tick of the clock and it fears her chime!
Life is for the taking and just because someone has what is thought of as a traditional role within society .. does not mean .. you have to step into those ways.  Live it!  It can be done!

Time Rich


Being Time rich is about living the life you desire.   It’s not necessarily about the amount you have in the bank.

Our 30 second video stories are a few people I know who have taken time and life into their own hands – a life they own and that they control.  No longer the drones but out smelling the roses of life!

life change consulting
make your life sweet

These stories can be an inspiration, of a few people who are Time Rich.

In the Paradise Project and our talks we hear about these and other people’s journey and how they live their life – some also come to share their inspiration.  Their motivation becomes yours.   Create your vision.



When you live in paradise logo
Have you got a Story that could inspire.  Tell us.
We’re happy to give your story a video profile too if you’d like.

Couple Riches

Loading the dream …

“Two people who started with a few travel stories and a dream of creating an income solely out of our storytelling!”   Ruben and Rachael are a couple-travel-bloggers (who knew that was a ‘thing‘!?)   and they’ve made living the dream come true.  True ‘paradise people’, creating a business around ‘how to get and live the travel and on-the-move lifestyle’.  They’ve formed Gamintraveler – a collection of  travel guides and stunning inspiration.

Rachel  from the Phillipines, is a solopreneur, working in the online scene since 2012.  She crafts social media and content strategy for various clients in the US, AUS and the UK. Working remotely, she aims to be a full digital nomad soon.

gamin pool Ruben left his life as a taxi driver in Spain behind, sold his house to travel the world.  In Asia, he met Rachael through Couchsurfing, where they they started their blog – first just as a hobby.   Ruben has never looked back .. travel was in his soul and now, with Rachel they are soul mates creating a life of bliss and bonus banking it!

They believe in working for the things that you love, and taking accountability of your own freedom. They are about living in the NOW rather than later.

I get up when I want

Dawn loading …

Sam has gone from a life of strict timeing when an officer in the Royal Marines to a life of his own pace and charge.
After travelling the world (but passport still humming)  Sam established  one of Europe’s top watersports companies   – Tantrum Kitesurf which due to it’s inovative ways of teaching oftentimes results in, not just sporting excellence but life changing perspectives on living.
Like many who take time and tide into their own hands, the world becomes a place where deeper insights are a magnet.  This has resulted in qualifications as a Bulletproof Peak Performance Coach and FDN Practitioner.  An ability to never stop learning is something that drives Sam and when you’re master of your own time – that’s something that ensures every one of his moments count!

Not just Horsing Around

18 seconds of joy .. loading

Bianca runs a multi facited company called Girls Love Boards.  But it doesn’t stop there.  It was easy to step away from the ‘norm’ as Bianca has instead filled her life full of passions.  Along with managing three great horses, a business which includes world class events .. and her life.  Someone who creates her destiny – working hard – balanced with love, good times and wild horses!

morning in tarifa
My mornings. You can Live it too!

One Life Design It

27 Second Life snap.. loading

Hela Sikora is one of the 10%!  It’s how she describes herself and her experience of being one of the few, leaving her home town behind, successfully!   Growing up in Poland, instinctively she knew knowledge was going to be her ally.  Learning English after both Polish and Russian, (whilst listening to German TV!)  – she expanded her world mentally and then acutally.  A talented and realising Graphic Designer Hela traveled the world on her terms.  With the experience this brings, she now has a healthy design business balanced with her passion for kite surfing.   Hela has designed her life in both senses of the word.